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Call Master is an advanced call, SMS and MMS blocker for root users with privacy features. If you need a free, user-friendly root call and SMS blocking app, use at our Private Place, it shares many of this apps unique features:

If you find this app too complex for your needs, consider looking at our simpler call firewall, Root Call Blocker.

WARNING - APPLICATION REQUIRES ROOT ACCESS, visit our website for more information:

Only SuperSu is officially supported. Make sure SELinux is PERMISSIVE, as described, for example, here:


• Your phone never rings
• Your screen never turns on
• Private call and SMS inbox with log sweeper
• Reject unknown, withheld and private numbers
• Password protection
• Route message content to other numbers
• Clear frequent call lists


• Block MMS before download
• Filter SMS by content
• Text variable creation, routing and replies
• Global regex and wildcard filters
• Custom notification icons
• Vibration and LED feedback
• Backup encryption and password protection
• Powerful logging and sorting system
• Number testing
• Independent contact library for total privacy
• Profile scheduling
• Light and dark themes

This is a 7-day trial. Once the trial is over you will have to buy the Key to continue using it.

If you need help the fastest way to get it is at the Google Plus community here:

WARNING - APP MAY BREAK STK FUNCTIONS on some operators, including SMS delivery reports

WARNING - THIS APP CANNOT BLOCK IP TRAFFIC of any kind, including the various LTE, wifi and SIP calling services. It may also break wifi calling on operators that use STK for RIL functions

WARNING - READ THE HELP AND HINTS and when writing to us through the application, describe your problem in detail.

OUTGOING CALL permissions are needed for Hidden mode, refer to the Help for more information on why, possibly free hat racks for your tin hats.

ACCOUNTS are needed for Google contact Groups.

SEND SMS needed for auto-replies and SMS routing.

INTERNET ACCESS MANDATORY for licensing and access to the socket layer. If you block access using a permissions security app or firewall, Call Master will not work.

LOG DATA is only sent with your permission via the "Write to us" item in Settings.



Download cracked APK of Call Master ( fahrbot.apps.blacklist )

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