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Privacy Box, keep your privacy

Are you worried about your personal secret text message or secret call log being seen by other people? Privacy box will be your ultimate choice to hide your privacy.

It is security tool for hiding personal calls and text messages. It is easy to use and fully protected your privacy with password.

1. Hide one private contact's secret call logs and secret text messages in privacy box
2. Any secret call logs and secret text messages within your private contacts in Privacy Box will be not be shown in system or third-party text message applications such as Handcent or Go SMS
3. Send secret text messages with private contact in Privacy Box
4. Private contact's secret call logs and secret text messages will be protected under the pattern lock
5. Block any unauthorized launching

You may be interested in our product in such scenarios:
1. Don't want your wife to find the secret calls or text messages from ex.
2. Don't want private conversations are seen once you lose your phone.

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