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Calendroid - Replacement Calendar when you need more.

Calendroid is based on the stock Android calendar with important added features:
If you wish for a more stock Calender version, please try The original Calendroid (Basic).
Calendar is not ICS or Honeycomb compatable.

- Event Searching in all views. Easily search for your events and have them conveniently displayed for you. Just click you Search button on your phone.
- MultiDay view slider to view 1-14 days without having to change screens.
- Search calendar from the global search (doesn't require opening calendar first).
- Colorized "busy column" in Month View to provide more information about upcoming events at a glance
- User-selectable Week start Day (may be different from user locale default)
- Select week from Month View using horizontal swipe--faster than using the menu buttons to change view
- Space-efficient MultiDay View event stacking display--particularly useful if you have many events overlapping daily
- Enhanced event selection in MultiDay View. Allows events to be easily selected even when events are overlapped.
- Optional Past event dimming for easily distinguishing older from upcoming events.

Tool Tips -
DoubleTap event to view Event details
SingleTap event to view event popup summary
- SingleTap popup to view Event details
Swipe Monthview to the right to go directly to weekview for that selected week.
- Selected day will dynamically become start day in week view for easy access to view upcoming 7 days.
- Enable Strict Week View to maintain week start day in week view. for more details and tips how to use.

Please e-mail if you have issues so that I can get them fixed asap.



Download cracked APK of Calendroid ( com.linuxjet.calendar )

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