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This is a full-featured calendar for Android mobiles and tablets, already ready for 2017 and the successive years. With this product you can manage the same events as with the standard Android calendar, but in addition you will get a great overview over the current month. The calendar is very fast, and includes great features like overview/detail mode, searching for events and jumping to specific dates. Of course this application does not contain any advertisements.

You can browse the years 2011-2036 (Android < 4.0.3: 2011-2022). Moon Phases is included for 2011-2030 (Android < 4.0.3: 2011-2022). Calendar Pro/en supports built-in holidays for UK-England/Wales, UK-Scotland, UK-Northern Ireland, Ireland, Sweden, Germany, Denmark, France, Norway and Finland. Flag days and name-days are also included for many of these countries (see below). Note that the week's first day and number adapt to the device region.

The calendar is tested and designed for phones & tablets running Android from version 2.1 up to the latest version of Android 7, using several different brands of devices. Furthermore, it is tested with Google- and Exchange accounts.

✓ Events can be created/edited/deleted on the same accounts as the standard Android calendar, e.g. a Google calendar account
✓ Event colors (requires Google accounts and Android >= 4.0.3)
✓ Two reminders per event
✓ A lot of repetition alternatives, e.g. repeat weekly on specific weekdays
✓ Symbols showing repetition/alarm
✓ Copy/Paste events
✓ Three event text sizes
✓ Holidays for United Kingdom, Italy, Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, France, Norway and Finland (both Finnish and Finnish-Swedish)
✓ Flag-days for United Kingdom, Sweden, Denmark and Finland
✓ Names-days for Germany, Sweden, Denmark, France and Finland (both Finnish and Finnish-Swedish)
✓ Moon phases 2011-2030 (Android < 4.0.3: 2011-2022)
✓ Clear Inspection view of the full event with hyperlinks when appropriate
✓ Summertime/wintertime day notes
✓ Context menus to add/delete/edit event
✓ Extensive user settings
✓ Lots of colour themes: three standard themes and 78 extra themes that can be bought as in-app purchases (Android 5.0 or later is required)
✓ Three widgets:
- The Super-Widget which shows many events, holidays, name-days, moon phases etc. day by day in a delicious layout. This widget is an in-app purchase. It requires Android 4.0.3 or later
- The small widget showing three next upcoming events. No holidays, name-days or similar are shown
- The big widget showing more than three events. Holidays, names-days etc. are shown, but only for the current day only
✓ Switch rapidly between different months/days by pressing icon buttons or by swiping your finger left/right over the display
✓ The home icon button takes you directly to todays date
✓ Calendar event colors can be selected per calendar account
✓ You can select which calendar accounts you want to show/sync/colorize
✓ Week numbers are built-in. Support both for EU and US week number systems
✓ Menu functions to jump to selected date or week number.
✓ Powerful search function
✓ You can double-click to toggle between overview/details of the month
✓ Reminder supported with alerts using the standard calendar function
✓ Both portrait and landscape mode are supported

In English mode the product will have an international icon, except for UK regions where the icon will be the UK icon.



Download cracked APK of Calendar Pro ( com.appsoftia.monthcalendar )


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