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Remote control your FRITZ!Box and find out who called at home. Manage call diversions, switch on/off your answering machine and check voice mail. The callthrough feature possibly allows free calls.

More features
- start computer (WakeOnLan)
- new: remote control your computer: shutdown, reboot, screenshot etc.
- call monitor displays calls immediately
- show and edit phone book
- switch on/off WiFi and WiFi guest access
- new: WPS connect new WiFi devices easy and fast
- restart and reset FRITZ!Box
- play voicemail messages
- open and send fax messages
- switch Smart Home devices
- Comet Dect: show and change tmperature
- support multiple FRITZ!Boxes
- 18 widgets and shortcuts for nearly all features
- callthrough, dial helper and skype integration

User about BoxToGo Pro
"BoxToGo is the leading and most comprehensive FRITZ!Box-App and has much more features than all AVM FRITZ!Apps."

Easy setup
Setup wizard lets you easily setup BoxToGo and supports MyFRITZ!, DynDns and free "BoxToGo DynDns".

Secure encryption
The connection between BoxToGo and your FRITZ! Box is protected by SSL and by certificate check against man-in-the-middle attacks.

Save telephone charges or even make free phone calls. BoxToGo connects phone calls to your FRITZ!Box. Two lines are necessary, like ISDN or Voice over IP. Use flatrates which are usually available only from home. You can set whether the callee see your home number instead of your mobile phone. Note that these are normal calls via the mobile network, not over the Internet. Callthroug is not internet telephony.

Voicemail and fax messages
These messages can be displayed in calls list and be opened as wav or pdf file with firmware from xx.05.05. If you use a newer FRITZ!Box model you can send faxes with images attached.

Supported FRITZ!Boxes
AVM FRITZ!Box 3270, 3272, 3370, 3390, 3490, 4020, 4080, 5490, 6320, 6340, 6360, 7369, 6490, 6590, 6810, 6820, 6840, 6842, 7112, 7141, 7170, 7240, 7270, 7272, 7312, 7320, 7330, 7340, 7360, 7362, 7390, 7412, 7430, 7490, 7560, 7570, 7580, 7581, 7582 with firmware from xx.04.87.

All requirements

Support and money back
Please contact me if you have problems or questions. If BoxToGo should still not work, you'll get your money back!

Visit for FAQs, forum and videos or contact me directly: [email protected] or +49 (0) 30 70206375



Download cracked APK of BoxToGo Pro ( de.almisoft.boxtogofull )

Version 2.4
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Heisenberg Download


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