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What lies beneath the ancient Inca ruins of Ollantaytambo remains a mystery, but as legend has it, beneath are the old mines and they hold vast candy, gold, jewels and treasures.

As the saga continues with another Miner's adventure, follow an ancient Inca trail and help Marv The Miner to solve the old Inca mysteries in the Ruins of Ollantaytambo in Peru. Box It! 2 Sokoban is an addictive, fun and free puzzle game with a twist on the classic computer puzzle game sokoban.

In Box It! 2 Sokoban, your goal is help the protagonist Marv The Miner through the levels and push the boxes (the "rock idols") found in the ruins and place them into their correct locations to unlock the entrance to the mines. Unlocking the entrance will reveal candy such as jewels, gold, treasures and other goodies.

As you dash through the levels, seek out help from Urcaguary, the great God of metals, jewels and items of great value.

★ 100 challenging sokoban levels

★ A classic free sokoban puzzle game

★ Hours of mind twisting sokoban fun

★ Free and full featured

★ Dash through levels for fewer steps and Bonus score

★ Share your hiscore

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