BouncingGirl in Nurse Costume

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[ About ]
This is the story of a trampoline, a girl, and the unexplored heavens above.
Take control ! Keep jumping! And send her into the stratosphere! !

[ Game Features ]
・A simple game for everybody
・Anime designed character dressed in cute cloth !
・Newly improved configuration for better game control.


Hold your device parallel to the ground.
When the girl hits the trampoline, move the device to give her a good bounce.
The better your timing, the higher she'll bounce!
However, if she misses the trampoline, it's a very painful Game Over.

By moving the device as shown in the picture, you can adjust your aim.
Strive to be the bounciest of them all!

No bouncing girls were harmed in the making of this game.

Notice: PocketCraft will not be responsible for any injuries that may occurred while playing this game.

If you've encounter any problems in this game, please contact us at:
[email protected]

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