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* Bookmark management app
- Let's manage bookmarks by folder!
- You do NOT need to add bookmarks to new browser again when you change the browser you use!
- Recommended for those who want to use multiple browsers, because it is possible to specify the launching browser for each bookmark.

* Features
> Easy organize bookmarks
- You can manage bookmarks by folder.
- No limit of folder level.
- It's easy to find the web page you want to view because the app adds a favicon and thumbnail of the web pages.
- You can easily add a bookmark by using "Share" menu of your browser.
- You can sort in any order by dragging the bookmark.

> Customize
- It is possible to specify the launching browser for each bookmark.
- You can select a view type of bookmarks: as a List or Grid.
- You can customize a variety of settings to suit your taste, e.g. background color, text color, text size, icon size, etc.
- You can launch this app anytime from status bar icon.

> Safe backup
- You can create backup file of bookmarks.
- If you use automatic backup feature, it is okay even if you forgot create backup.

> Easy to move when change your device
- You can import bookmarks from default browser. (Android 5 or less are supported.)
- You can import HTML bookmark file created by browser on pc.
- You can move bookmarks to new device easily by transferring a backup file to new device.

* Permission
- To get ads, favicons, thumbnails, and check update.

- To import bookmarks from default browser.

- To export bookmarks to default browser.

- To import bookmarks from files in external storage.

- To export bookmarks to files in external storage.

- To create shortcut to home screen.

- To show icon in status bar when Android system has booted.

* Ad-free License key

* Developer Page
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Download cracked APK of Bookmark Folder ( com.coconuts.webnavigator )

Version 3.6.6
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Version 3.6.5
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Version 3.5.2
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