Boobs Shaker Stimulator

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Interactive PRIVATE porn stars shaking their amazing tits for you!

Boobs Shaker Stimulator will blow your imagination as you give a boost to Private’s Stars’ Boobs!

Play with these busty girls in the hottest Interactive Live Wallpaper ever. Let Angel Dark, Black Angelika and other Private Stars show you their attributes and what are they capable of.

Shake them, grab them, bounce them… You’ll get hypnotized by the movement of these gorgeous porn stars

Like in our other apps (e.g.: bOObs - interactive tits!) you can adjust all bouncing and shaking effects in the settings menu:

You can comfortably tune the effects to create your ultimate bOObs bouncing experience, matched to your handset and shaking style.

In the settings menu just click on:

Slowing-factor: A higher slowing factor will slow the jiggling of the ASS faster.

Sensitivity-factor: The higher the sensitivity, the less you have to move your handset for total jigglyness.

Choose from many different background images such as: US Flag, Leather, Racing, Laser, Tech, Island, Red Grunge, Waterdrops... to match your taste.

Supports all screen sizes from small to XL and also works on tablets even in landscape mode.

100% AdFree
100% Spam and Virus Free
100% no hidden costs
100% pure fun
100% boobs shaking madness



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Version 1.0
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