Blue Egg - who is inside? 🐣 Try to break the egg!

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A little creature wants to hatch from the mysterious blue egg! It looks for a friend who will help it to get out and to say "Hello!" Maybe it would be you?

The History...

You are walking by the forest and suddenly you see something strange - it's a blue egg, which is waiting for you on the beautiful meadow.
You're touching it and feel that it is warm and rough. But wait... What is it?! Now you can feel weak movements inside of the egg. There is something! But what could it be...?
Discover the mystery of the blue egg on your own!

And suddenly there is a beast of prey? Well, if this is true - there is nothing to be afraid of him, Go out, he only came to light and wants to get to know this world.

This is perhaps the most simple game. Her rule - break an egg, inside which there is a beautiful animal. What - it will find out!

Attachment develops patience, persistence, implementation of the goals. As well as the motility of fingers. Everyone can make their own advantage of the game - and the reward will be for all the beautiful chick! Whoa, we said the chicken? Well, now you know everything ... or not all and there was not a chicken? Discover it for yourself!

In general, over the application we worked talented designers, so that you will be satisfied with a pleasant decor.



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Version 1.6
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