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Bloat Freezer is a tool to free your memory, keep battery longer

☆ Freeze system apps/regular apps
☆ Defrost frozen apps
☆ Uninstall system apps
☆ Very small footprint (137K)

☆ Rooted device
☆ USB Debugging on: turn Setting/Applications/Development/USB Debugging on
☆ NAND unlock on HTC device

*** Notice: ICS users - if you fail to freeze, take a look at SuperUser issue here: ***

☆ Freezing an application prevents it from running in background and using your battery, CPU and memory and slow down your phone. It also preserves your data that can be easily restore later.
☆ Defrosting an application is a revert process to restore that application with its data before freezing. Upgrading that application is still available.
☆ Uninstall a system app: app will be gone. Forever. If a system app, it's very hard to bring it backs. If market apps, reinstall it from Market

** Affiliation **
Bloat Freezer is not affiliated with Titanium Backup, Root Tools, Root uninstaller, system app remover, fast uninstaller,



Download cracked APK of Bloat Freezer Pro ( com.bloat.freezer )


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