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[Requires ROOT to Capture]

bitShark is a powerful and feature rich packet capture and analysis application for Android

It's like Wireshark for Android!

Please try the Free Trial Version of bitShark before purchasing to test compatibility with your devices

- Realtime view/inspection of incoming packets
- Network packet capture to PCAP file format from any interface (Wifi or Cellular)
- Detailed inspection of a wide range of IP networking protocols
- Supports tcpdump style capture filter syntax
- Ability to open and analyze offline PCAP files
- Built-in file browser for choosing PCAP files to open from anywhere on your device
- Detailed statistical analysis of PCAP files
- Powerful filtering architecture allows user to build complex filtered views of offline data
- Ability to export PCAP stats to PDF
- Ability to export individual packets to separate PCAP file
- Ability to reassemble and save web images from TCP streams
(works with popular apps and mobile sites like Facebook and Instagram!)

Supported Protocols:
IPv4, IPv6, UDP, TCP, HTTP, Web Images, HTML, DNS, mDNS, ICMP, ARP, Ethernet, PPP, SNAP, SLL, 802.3, 802.2, SIP, SDP, VLAN (802.1q), L2TP

Trial Version available for free here:

NOTE: This application requires ROOT permission to capture live packets.
Root is not required for offline viewing and analysis.

Known Issues:

If you're having trouble capturing packets (crash after a few seconds of capturing) please try unchecking "Enable Live Indexing" in the Settings menu. A fix for this problem is in the works.

Using this application on Android 4.2 with full device encryption enabled or forcing the app to be moved to external storage may cause instability.


If you're having capture or installation issues please try doing a "Force Reinstall" through the new bitShark Installer activity which can be accessed through the Settings activity. Then force close the app and see if that fixes your problem.

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Download cracked APK of bitShark ( blake.hamilton.bitshark )

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