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Ultimate add-on to Android Wear or any device (like a Fitbit or PixelBook) that shows notifications.
Use Augmented to show notifications and disable the other apps. Augmented optimizes the information in several ways:

Information is more relevant than native alert (whatsapp multiple messages, email body preview etc). For Android Wear Contact picture is shown (even if native alert does not show it).

Augmented is highly configurable. Android Wear vibration pulses can be tweak so high priority contacts (independent of which app is used) can vibrate differently on your android wear device. The actual vibration pulse can be tuned including the number of pulses, duration of pulse and duration between pulses. Vibration can be tailored to specific (types) of apps so one can determine the type/sender of alerts by simple vibration. Many more tweaks of this nature are provided - some are described below and on my web site.

TTS is highly tuned. For example, it can be configured to only play a TTS (of an alert) when wearing specific bluetooth headsets (e.g. when running one may use a different headset than when commuting). more info on Enhanced TTS -

Info on S8/S8+ Edge Notification -

Info on Improved Tasker Support -

Info on PixelBook support -

Note there is some support for Tesla (if you own one).

Please ensure Notification Access for Augmented SmartWatch Pro is granted in Android System Settings.

I developed this app for my daily life and it is highly tuned (but configurable). I am open to requests as the app is abstracted for easy customization. Just email me.

I have not updated the app for over a year as I did not want to drop support for the older watches. I had to - to properly support Android 7 and 8. Links to the older versions are provided below.


Previous Top 50 Grossing Productivity App (US)

Trial version:


Top 10 reasons Augmented for Android Wear

Android Wear info

For Sony SmartWatch 1 - use this version
For Sony 2, MotoACTV, Toq, Pebble and older watches -
Please send email rather than leave low rating. Will resolve or refund.

Info on email alerts @

- Augmented`s legendary+customizable notifications with full tuning (including email and whatsapp including sender, subject and body preview) - Why notifications are better @
- Intelligent Quiet Time (Weekday+Weekend)
- High Priority Senders
- Stealth mode
- Intent API to Taskers/3rd party apps
- Location based weather (with hyper-location alerts)
- Low phone battery alerts
- Phone battery and signal strength info
- Network alerts
- Highly configurable
- Backup/restore settings

Please use Notification Access to enable notifications for Augmented SmartWatch in system settings. Disable accessibility+disable "Force Use Accessibility" in Augmented Settings.

Android Wear
- Full custom notification alert option with animations
- Custom vibrations including Smart Haptics
- Auto reduces vibration intensity for alerts during meetings
- Custom background image
- Details @

Notifications for all other applications supported, but some applications are optimized::
What's App, SMS, Skype, Google Talk/Google Voice,Google Play Music

video @



Download cracked APK of Augmented SmartWatch Pro ( com.alk.k9 )


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