Atomic Blue - CM12 CM13 Theme

Giordano Cristian (SteelDesigns) Download


Now with Arcus support, and 3 more color variations, both with Light and Dark Notification versions
Check this community to download Arcus:

Please NOTE that even if supported, CM13/14 Nightlies or Betas can have bugs and could make your device unstable / unusable.
Make a Backup before make any changes and keep in mind that they are not stable builds!

With Atomic Blue you can feel a unique, professional user interface, rich of crisp colors and vector graphics, always different,
that will customize your phone or tablet with a per-pixel created UI,
and the inclusion of many features like:

- Atomic Style on all the main applications, like Dialer, Browser, Downloads, CM Music, CM File Manager, Google Now and Google Keyboard.
- Unique graphics all over the system, your apps will taste a new look.
- New fonts, icons and a custom wallpaper with different color palette for every variant.
- An exclusive bootanimation made from scratch with a "Material MoGraph" in mind.
- Rock solid compatibility with CM, Dirty Unicorns and Pure Nexus Roms.

Join the SteelDesigns Themes & Apps Community to try new Beta Versions, receive support and updates about the project:
Follow the SteelDesigns page on Google+ for the latest news:

You need an unlocked device with a CM Based ROM with the CMTE (Cyanogenmod Theme Engine) to use this theme.
1. Download the app and install it (you can't open it)
2. Go to Settings>Themes (or the Themes section of your custom rom)
(If you don't have this option you are using an unsupported rom)
3. Select Atomic Blue, choose what you want to theme and apply!

Please report any bug before rate the theme, you will help me to continue to make this theme better, thanks!
Instead, do a search with Google to unlock the potential of your device,
or ask for help in the SteelDesigns Themes & Apps Community.



Download cracked APK of Atomic Blue - CM12 CM13 Theme ( com.steel89ita.paid.atomicblue )


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