AK Notepad

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The easiest notepad for Android smartphones and tablets!

Simple, clean design ideal for everyday use:
* Capture text notes
* Set reminders
* Share notes via SMS, email & more
* Pin notes directly to your home screen
* Set note colors
* Organize your notes with tags like #work #school #groceries
* Sort & search
* Export/import
* Passcode

Works with your free Catch.com account:
* AK Notepad notes automatically back up to Catch.com
* Share notes with Catch Notes for Android and iPhone
* Email notes to [email protected] and they appear in AK Notepad
* Download Catch Notes if you want more features such as photo notes, voice notes, and checklists. You can use the same Catch account to find all your text notes.



Download cracked APK of AK Notepad ( com.akproduction.notepad )

Version 2.4.6
Heisenberg zippyshare.com Download
Version 2.3.6
John uploaded.to Download


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