aFM (Football Manager)

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A Football (Soccer) Manager simulation for Android.
For a free testversion check out afm lite.

Be the manager of a football club.

- Major change of gamelogic since V 1.1.0
- Choose of 8 countries to play (England,Germany,France,Italy,Spain,Portugal,Turkije, Nederlands)
- Play in three competitions (championship, cup and european cup)
- Full lineup control including tactical orders
- Train your squad to worldclass
- Finance aspects
- Sell/Buy players: Depending on your team success history your team is rated. Rating is based equal as player stars. Getting a player equal to your team skill is most likely to happen (but selling team may give veto or player dislikes to change). Rating can be increased by winning championship or get a good result at season end. Current Rating can be indirect seen by price of youthpull.

Skill is recalculated in season change and lasts for one season.
- Youthpulls
- watch games in textmode and change teamorders depending on game result
- editable data, so you can create your favorite team to play
-choose level of difficulty
- AD-Free
- play carrer mode. Start from down under and push your team up to international cup victory

Become part of a full simulated world full of football!

----How to edit Data---
1) Export Data XML File from aFM: In loaddialog press Menuebutton of android device , then choose Export XML. Make sure you have a sd-card inserted.
2) On root of sdcard (/sdcard/) should now be a file called afm_data.xml .
XML File is well documentated.
3) Transfer File to PC and edit this file with an Editor (notepad++ or similar).
4) Copy back edited file to root of sdcard.
5) relaunch afm, start new game and content of customized afm_data.xml is used for new created game



Download cracked APK of aFM (Football Manager) ( com.samoth.manager )

Version 1.1.14
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