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Enjoy Aby Escape at its full potential!
Aby Escape Deluxe offers you more than 20.000 coins of unlocked content:

- Get instant access to all the story mode level!
- Change your character with Trump, Sheepard, Suggy, Kastor and Ycell!
- Keep running further with all power-ups included in the first level: Magnet, Health Ghost Boost and Agility!
- Enjoy the multiple environments of the game: Winter Rush, GreenStone, Dunderville and the famous Route 66,5!

Run Aby! Ruuuun!

Aby Escape is a free race game operating completely in 3D and offering varied gameplay, which will require you to be as quick as you can. Help Aby, the unluckiest and clumsiest raccoon, in his mad race to escape from his assailants. Whether being pursued by the hunters in his native forest, by the police in town or by the bikers on Route 66.5, Aby never stops running to escape from all these dangers.

Take a look far ahead and make your way through the 2 game modes:

Aby Escape offers an unlimited game mode devoted specifically to scoring. Slide, jump and accelerate to dodge all the obstacles in your path! Collect coins and unlock loads of power-ups. Achieve the best score you can and complete 50 exclusive challenges.

In Aby Escape, progress through the 30 levels of the game, split across 3 different universes, and take on every kind of obstacle and unique situation: a catapult, an American football stadium, elephants, trucks, and a cemetery, just to name a few. Get an overview of the next update by completing Story mode.

Features :

-50 challenges to take on in Unlimited mode
-30 game levels in Story mode
-Lots of enemies to shake off or avoid (hunters, policemen, bikers, footballers, elephants, etc.)
-Lots of power-ups available (Ghost, Magnet, Extra life, Shield, etc.)
-Objects to unlock (characters, shoes, etc.)

But watch out and don’t get hit in the face by a tree, elephant or American footballer!

Discover the free Aby Escape game available now!


Aby Escape was loved by:

- iPhonesoft.fr: *17/20*

- 148apps.com: *4/5*

- Applenapps.com: *4/5*


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